Beacon Hill Station Charles Mudede

A spokesperson for the Seattle Police Department confirmed that the white man suspected of hurling racist slurs at people at the Beacon Hill Station on June 15 is Steven Jay Watts. The beefy and pumped up white man wearing Air Jordans claimed that "white men built" the streets of Beacon Hill and that he was president. He also told the man filming him that "Donald Trump is going to run this bitch," and that the "nigger over there" is "done." The suspect made this racist noise in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Seattle. His rant has gone national; both The Root and New York Post have stories about the incident.

But it's very important to hear what the white man said because it is not coming out of the blue, nor is his anger the distillation of a madman. It simply reflects an American environment and moment that is dominated by a president who is throwing brown children into cages. The fact that this obviously racist immigration policy, authorized by the White House, is not at all politically fatal for Trump, shows that the US is willing to play with that kind of fire.

There was that rant by a hotel clerk, the rant at the Asian nail joint in Florida, in the rant at grocery store in California. These people, and the suspect at the Beacon Hill Station, which is right next to the Plaza Roberto and El Centro de la Raza, are connecting to the current political environment and putting it on blast. If a nation can live with throwing brown children into cages, it's ready to go all the way to hell.

From the original Facebook post by the person who filmed the incident:

On my way home from a really great day at work, ready to be with my family, get ready for a photoshoot tonight and this happened... I came out of the tunnel at Beacon Hill Station and this White guy was screamin ni**ger at this Black guy so I started recording. This may be the Beacon Hill Community in Seattle... but this is not an isolated incident. This is occurring in other neighborhoods, in other cities, in other states. "My President"... which has become the yelling cry that has nationalized racist Whites across this country. He doesn't even know me... but feels he knows me because of the color of my skin. My skin color meant something enough to him, so much so that it pulled up the evil from within him to attack me with the one of the most hateful words he could think of to attack me. So yes I will record, I will document. This is the fight people of color are in. We are simply trying coexist and live in this world, to raise our children to be successful and loving human beings. I was doing nothing but walking myself home today to enjoy my wife and my children on their first day off from school... and that gets derailed in 10 minutes of hate. But my conscious within me could not stand idly by and let this White man verbally assault someone just because he did not like the color he saw. It's sad that this is what our country has come to. Is this the vision of "Making America Great Again?" I'm thankful I had my community of friends at Estilitas Library and at The Station... Edwin, Jeff, Zarithi, Oni, Carlos... strangers that stepped in... thank you.

Here is a part of the police report:

The whole report is here.